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About Luigina 



I like to  to take something as simple as a strand of yarn, or a leaf, or a cut of interesting fabric and give it a new life.  I like fibre to twist and turn, to steam and soak, to shred and wrap.  I dream of shapes and textures and work at it until I am satisfied that I am as close to my dream as I am able, for now.  Later, I'll try again. 

There is such an immense pleasure in seeing your objects come to life and being worn or used by friend, family and clients.  I will take your order for socks, or shawls, or tops, as long as you give me some artistic freedom.  I will always create a piece that I like first and foremost, and only then propose it to you.  

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Artistic journey

volunteer quilter for hospitals

contributor to "A Needle Pulling Thread" for 10 years

blogger for Knitmuch

Necklace designs in collaboration with Anna Biancardi 

Knitting facilitator in Italy for 4 years

YouTube knitting channel

Author "Socks To Boot" epub

Blog:  Musings



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